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High Power Twelve Channel Piezo Driver

Support Documents

Datasheet with pricing – 70-0030 Bench 12 Ch Piezo Driver

DescriptionBench piezo driver

The 70-0030 Twelve Channel Benchtop Piezo Driver is a complete electronics solution for driving open loop piezo actuators.  From a logic input, an on-board FPGA drives a waveform through a DAC and a high powered, high voltage amplifier.

Configuration of the amplifier is established through either the front panel or a PC.  Monitoring of the system can be achieved with a simple USB interface, with drivers, software APIs, and example code provided.  Per-channel monitoring is available at all times through a logic output indicating state, or single-channel monitoring is available with analog voltage and current outputs via front panel BNCs.


  • On-board RAMDACs implemented through FPGA
  • Actuation from simple logic signals; no analog voltages required
  • Output current to 750mA per channel
  • Output voltage to 120V
  • Output Power total to 50W
  • USB interface for data acquisition and configuration


  • Piezo motors
  • Piezo actuators