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Enclosure Design

Edge Scientific’s enclosure design services provide our clients with superior design and end-product results. We offer cost-effective services and expertise to customers from various industries that help them develop new innovative products on time and on spec. By making Edge part of your development team, we can increase efficiency, and significantly reduce additional design time.

Our enclosure design services include:

  • Mechanical requirements development
  • DFM – Design for Manufacturability
  • UL / CSA / FDA design requirements
  • Seamless integration of electronics design, PCB layout, and industrial design
  • 3D CAD layout and design
  • Testing and design verification
  • Material selection
  • Manufacturing support
  • Material and manufacturing specifications
  • Prototype development
  • Part procurement specifications
  • Injection molded plastics
  • Packaging design including corrugated boxes, vacuum forming, foam
  • Chassis, enclosure, and panel design
  • Cable and connector design

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